Biomass Power Plant with a Capacity of up to 4,500 kW in Smolyan


Under our contract with Bara Group for EPCM services for the construction of a Biomass Power Plant with a capacity of 4,500 kW, Regulated Land (RL) XVIII and XXIII in 34 kv., in conjunction with our duties, we performed the following:


  • Preparation of an investment project for the plant
  • Preparation of project documentation for the site, including: a Safety Plan, a Quality Plan, Time Schedules, a Construction Works Organization, a Commissioning Plan, etc.
  • Organization and assisting the client when signing delivery and construction contracts
  • Assistance and representation during contacts with administration
  • Organization and assistance for filling claims under contracts with executors and suppliers
  • Organization of the commissioning works
  • Finishing the project and issuance of executive documentation
  • Participating in the work of the Acceptance Commission

Additional Information


The power plant is situated in the Ustovo kv. in the industrial zone of Smolyan.  It is situated in an existing building which has been repaired and meets the requirements of the new Cogeneration with respect to the safety, stability, and functionality requirements.

The power plant has a gross electrical output capacity of 4.4 MWel. At the moment, the first stage with a capacity of 2 MWel has already been completed.


The plant uses wooden chips as fuel, and the fuel facilities comprise a receiving outdoor storage, a feed hopper, a dryer, separation systems, and belt conveyors.

The thermal gasification technology of the ZEROPOINT CLEAN TECH company is used for the wood.

The product gasification product is cleaned and afterwards burnt in a GE Jenbacher GmbH piston engine.

The produced electrical energy after the unit transformer is fed at 20 kV into the EVN's network at the Byala Power Substation. Water feeding for technical, fire, and household, a water supply and sewage connection between the plant and the infrastructure of Water Supply and Sewage (WSS) Smolyan was built.




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