Overflowing Dam at the Sokolitsa River


Under our contract with the Maritsa East 3 energy company for implementation of construction supervision for the Overflowing Dam at the Sokolitsa River, in conjunction with our duties, we performed the following:


  • Conformity assessment of the investment project with the essential construction requirements
  • Construction supervision under the Law on Spatial Development (LSD)
  • Quantity and quality control of the materials used on site
  • Quantity and quality control of the works done
  • Document preparation for appointment of a State Acceptance Commission
  • Connection with the competent government supervisory authorities and the municipal administration

Additional Information


The high water levels of the Sokolitsa River necessitated the construction of an overflowing dam. The dam is constructed as reinforced concrete construction and it’s contained entirely in the river bed. The length of the overflowing edge is 40 m.

Four drain holes with dimensions 1x1 m are constructed in its body for better sediment washing. The holes are usually closed via floodgate trays.

Retaining walls are built in order to protect the shores before and after the dam. The space between the retaining walls and the natural shore is filled with gravel material from the excavation works for the dam's walls.

A 5-meter long reinforced concrete slab is built in front of the dam to increase its stability.

The dam prevents flooding of the neighboring properties.




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