Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant


Under our contract with the Maritsa East 3 energy company for implementation of construction supervision for the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant, in conjunction with our duties, we performed the following:


  • Conformity assessment of the project and the existing construction works requirements
  • Document preparation for issuance of a Building Permit
  • Construction supervision
  • Quantity and quality control of the materials used on site
  • Quantity and quality control of the works done
  • Construction supervision during functional tests
  • Document preparation for appointment of a State Acceptance Commission
  • Connection with the competent government supervisory authorities and the municipal administration
  • Participating in the work of the Commission

Additional Information


In case the water amount in the ash ponds is higher than the consumption needed for the ash hydro-transport, the excess water is pumped into the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The heavy metals, and the suspended solids are removed in the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant is designed for a peak flow of 1,000 m3/h. The ultimate design flow is 830 m3/h, while the average is approximately 500 m3/h.

In the first sedimentation basin, the water is treated with lime for increasing its pH value. In the second sedimentation basin, the pH value is controlled and stabilized.

An auxiliary flocculation chemical is dosed proportionally to the incoming water in the flocculation basin (on organic polyelectrolyte solution) in order to induce flocculation in the coagulated water.

From the flocculation basin the water enters into a circular sedimentation tank. The precipitate therein, comprising heavy metal hydroxides and other suspended solids, is separated by means of gravity.

 The purifier is provided with a paddle transferring the jammed sludge into a sludge pit.

From the pit in the sedimentation tank, the sludge is fed into a buffer by means of gravity. A flow pumped back into the first sedimentation basin is separated therein. The waste water from the sedimentation tank is gravitationally drained into two parallel sand filters.

The CONTI FLOW filtration system is an equipment for filtering along the flow direction upon continuous backwash of the filter bed with air and water.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant has a separate building for storing and diluting chemicals, and is equipped with electrical and control console for the whole plant. The main signals are pass to the command room of the main control hall (DCS) within the Treatment Plant's building.




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