Rehabilitation of Maritsa East 3 TPP


The project for rehabilitating the Maritsa East 3 TPP amounts to 600 million euros. The funding was provided by a bank consortium with the participation of the EBRD and comprised a plurality of measures for increasing the plant's life, and bringing the installations in line with the modern environmental and equipment-safety standards. The project was implemented between 2001 and 2010. This project's implementation ensured the following:

  • Increasing the plant's life by 15 years
  • Capturing over 90% of the sulphur dioxide produced during combustion
  • Meeting the requirements of the European Union and the Kyoto Protocol for reducing the pollutant levels in the air
  • Increasing the reliability of the equipment
  • Increasing the installed output capacity of the plant by 60 MWel


Cogeneration of EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia


In conjunction with the equipment's resource expiration at the Plovdiv North TPP, and with the necessity of optimizing the heat-energy production, in 2009 EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia started a project for building a new installation for joined electrical and heat production.


A combined gas-steam cycle with a gas turbine was used during the construction.

The scope of the project comprised the installation of: a gas turbine, a utility boiler, a steam turbine, a heat-exchanger and a pump station, an electrical connection with the ESO system, a connection to the gas transmission network of Bulgartransgaz, and other auxiliary systems and equipment.

The project was built by Siemens as a EPC contractor.

The installation was commissioned in 2011.

The project amounted to 100 million BGN.


Installation for Gypsum Suspension Dewatering (GSD) and rehabilitation of a Circulation Pump Station (CPS) No.1


For completing the total rehabilitation of the Maritsa East 2 TPP, and in conjunction with the measures for bringing the Maritsa East 2 EAD TPP in line with the legal requirements for Ecology and Environmental Safety, pursuant to Directive 2001/80/EU, the plant started building an installation for dewatering the gypsum suspension produced by the operation of the desulphurisation equipment of Units 1 to 6. The project's provision allows for gypsum dewatering to moisture level up to 10-15%. Thus the waste product from the flue gas desulphurisation is being treated as harmless waste it is stored to Gypsum Land Field. The resulting dewatered gypsum can be used for construction mixtures, in plaster products, and for other purposes during the construction. The project amounts to € 20 million.

The rehabilitation of the CPS No. 1 comprised design, engineering, delivery, construction, installation, and commissioning of six new pump units, rotating screens, control system, and axillary equipment.

The project implementation has led more reliable operation of the pump station. The modernisation, resulted in reducing the maintenance costs of the pump station itself, as well as of the Units.

The projects are implemented with co-funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development through the Kozloduy International Fund.




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