New Cogeneration Installation in the Plovdiv North TPP


Under our contract with EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia for implementation of construction supervision for the "New Cogeneration Installation in the Plovdiv North TPP" project, in conjunction with our duties, we performed the following:


  • Conformity assessment of the project and the existing construction works requirements
  • Document preparation for issuance of a Building Permit
  • Construction supervision
  • Quantity and quality control of the materials used on site
  • Quantity and quality control of the works done
  • Construction supervision during functional tests
  • Document preparation for appointment of a State Acceptance Commission
  • Connection with the competent government supervisory authorities and the municipal administration
  • Participating in the work of the Commission

Additional Information


EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia is the second largest district heating company in Bulgaria.

It has two Power Plants – The Plovdiv North TPP, and The Plovdiv South TP.

The district heating company was acquired by EVN in December 2007.

The company owns two licenses – for production of heat and electric energy, and for heat energy supply.

EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia delivers heat energy to 33,000 clients in Plovdiv.

Due to the resource expiration of the generating units in the Plovdiv North TPP, and the EVN's politic regarding the heat energy production with highly-effective technologies, EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia hired Siemens to build a new Cogeneration Installation.

The installation ensures reliable operation and heat generation with great efficiency and is a step towards decommissioning of old, ineffective, and nonconforming to the ecological standards thermal power plants in Bulgaria.

The new installation's allows both replacing some of the currently-running units in TPP Nord and expanding the district heating network in Plovdiv.

The new installation has a gross electrical output capacity of 51.5 MW, and nominal heat output of 123.1 MW.

The Unit will deliver power to the national electricity grid about 49.9 MW, and the other 1.6 MW will be for own use.

The combined cycle cogenerations based on combining gas and steam cycles, are being used successfully for district heating systems.

The main components of the units are: a gas turbine with a generator, a utility boiler, and a steam turbine with a generator.

The use of modern technological solutions yields very high overall effectiveness of the heat and electrical energy manufacturing.

The EVN's cogeneration use natural gas which will be burnt in a high-performance gas turbine as fuel.

The output gases from the combustion process are used in the production of water steam in a utility boiler.

Within the steam-water cycle, the production steam drives a steam turbine with a generator, and the rest of the heat energy is fed into the district heating network.

The installation is powered by a new gas pipeline with 24-25 bar pressure. The cogeneration's facilities will occupy approximately 3,000 m2 of the EVN Plovdiv North TPP's site.

The main workshop of the new plant is  built east of the existing plant.

The connection to the national electricity greed is implemented by of extending the 110 kV switchyard which is property of the Electrical System Operator (ESO).




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